Cityland Group is the developer behind some of the UAE’s most recognized and unique leisure and entertainment destinations for the whole family. Our two most beloved concepts are Dubai Miracle Garden and Dubai Butterfly Garden.

Dubai Miracle Garden is one of Cityland’s – and indeed Dubai’s – most popular developments, that sees more than 1.5 million visitors per season. It is a 72,000-sq. m. space brimmed with over 150 million colorful flowers arranged in arches, patterns and shapes. It is truly a sight to behold and must be seen to be believed.

The venue is an incredible family-friendly destination, a must-visit for residents and tourists alike. Dubai Miracle Garden offers weekly live shows, a trampoline for kids and has various special entertainment activities, with music, dance and showmanship throughout the season, with something for everyone.

Dubai Butterfly Garden is another year-round destination from Cityland Group. It has ten (10) different domes for people to visit. In addition to the multitude of butterflies for people to admire, the attraction also has a cinema for kids as well as various educational programs for people of all ages. This is truly a perfect way to spend a weekend day with the family, whether you are a UAE resident or a visitor.